jueves, 20 de junio de 2013



Milk 'N' Cookies - Milk 'N' Cookies (1975, Island Records)

Tinkertoy Tomorrow
(Dee, Dee You're) Stuck On A Star
Little, Lost And Innocent
Six Guns
We Go On Dancing
Rabbits Make Love
Not Enough Girls (In The World)
Chance To Play
The Last Letter
Just A Kid
Ready Steady
Broken Melody

Outtakes del disco.
Good Friends
Wok 'N' Woll
Not Enough Girls (In The World) (Second Version)
Typically Teenage
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En Vivo en CBGB's, 1976. Temas inéditos.*
On The Outs
Local Talent
Girls And Gangs

*Pueden descargar libremente el set en vivo en CBGB's en el blog de la prestigiosa emisora de radio WFMU, en este link.

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